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What is The different between Human Interpreter & Translator

What is Meant by Human Interpreter & is it Similar To Translator

By : Nahed Ahmad            Date : 15/03/2023

For Businessmen and Non A/E Students, and Newcomers to UAE, as well as Investors.                  

A human interpreter and translator are both professionals who work with languages, but they differ in the type of language work they do.

A translator works with written text and converts it from one language to another. The goal is to produce a written document that is an accurate and faithful representation of the original. A translator may specialize in a particular area of expertise, such as legal or Medical …

Also A translator converts an entire program or document written in one language into another language. The output is usually a file in the target language that can be executed or edited. Examples of translators are compilers and assemblers.

As Translators work on documents such as books, articles, manuals, and other written materials, They must have excellent language skills in both the source language and the target language, as well as a deep understanding of the cultural context and nuances of the source text. They must also have strong writing and editing skills in the target language, to ensure that the translated text is accurate, clear, and natural-sounding.

On the other hand, An Interpreter is a person who converts spoken or signed language from one language to another in real-time. Interpreters work in situations where two or more people who do not speak the same language need to communicate with each other. For example, an interpreter might be needed in a business meeting, courtroom, hospital, or during international events. Interpreters must have strong language skills in both the source language and the target language, as well as excellent listening, memory, and communication skills. Interpreters must also be able to interpret meaning, context, tone, and cultural nuances to ensure accurate communication between parties.

In Summary, the main difference between an interpreter and a translator is that an interpreter works with spoken or signed language in real-time, while a translator works with written text. Both require excellent language skills, cultural knowledge, and communication skills to ensure that accurate and effective communication takes place between people who speak different languages.

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